Twickenham Saturday wedding and receptions are $6800 with a $10.75 guest event fee, which includes your tables, chairs, and clean up. Sundays are $5,400 at 20% off, Weekdays are $4,760 at 30% off while January-March is an additional 20% off! Small elopements and ceremony only weddings are only $2,000 and can be booked Monday-Wednesdays. We have an open vendor policy and can provide our preferred vendors list on request. We have a max capacity of 200 for the event itself, while a smaller number of close friends and family can stay on site with you the whole weekend.

A Twickenham Mansion stay is surprisingly affordable, and can sleep up to 50 people to a bed. The estate is exclusive to your group during your stay, for a grand total of $2,950 a night for the entire property. This cost is divided by the total number of guests you invite to stay. The bride and groom are only responsible for their room costs, and guests are billed individually for theirs. The more guests you host, the cheaper it is for everyone! Saturday weddings have a three night minimum stay required, Thursday evening through Sunday morning, while Sundays-Wednesdays have no required stay. There are 14 rooms available with many amenities, including a movie theater, hot tub, pool, sauna, steam room, game room, and gorgeous outdoor setting filled with twinkle lights and ferns.