Twickenham has many ways to make your wedding affordable, including Sunday, weekday, and off season (January-March) weddings.

Sunday weddings are amazing options for people on a budget or those looking for more available dates.

They are 20% off, bringing the 2020 cost to $5,400 for the event fee and $10.75 per guest for tables and chairs, break down and set up (check the pricing tab for 2021 costs). In addition, they are more flexible and don't have a required stay.

For a Sunday wedding, the bridal party can arrive by 11am to do a rehearsal at the cliffs. We recommend staying in a near-by cabin or Airbnb with your bridal party the night before so you can show up refreshed. 

By 12pm, the reception hall will be open for a welcome brunch and coffee to greet your guests. Any reception set up that needs to be finalized can be done from 12-1pm, though most of this will be done by our set-up crew and your day of coordinator. 

By 1pm, the house will be cleaned and prepped for guests to check in and hair and make up to begin in the suites. Depending on when you want your wedding to begin, this should give you ample time to share close moments with your best friends and family and savor the pre-wedding feelings.

Guests can start arriving an hour before your ceremony and head up to the cliffside where our crew will have all your chairs ready to go with whatever decorations and florals you've decided on. There are gorgeous twinkle lights above the seating area all the time and of course, that breathtaking mountain view.

After the wedding, your guests will head to cocktail hour and you'll get your photos taken in the post wedding glow, before you join your guests your first time as a married couple!

The reception can be as formal or as much like a party as you wish. There are no cut off times and no noise restrictions. 

For guests coming out of town, we find with as luxury as the mansion stay is, they really don't mind using a Monday vacation day to come celebrate with you (and get some relaxation in themselves). 

You are welcome to stay for as many nights as you wish after the wedding to decompress and enjoy your out of town guests. And the discounts don't hurt either.

Weekday weddings are 30% off and even more flexible. Give us a call to go over potential dates.